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Cavern of Fate

For my last Demo Reel project I wanted to build something that I could use Houdini to build and wanted to spend my last couple weeks at Gnomon making something that I would want to play in a video game and know that I would enjoy looking at.

The Process


I completed this project over the course of four weeks and the only reason I was able to complete it in such a small timeframe was because I used Houdini to generate and texture the rocks, if I had spend the time sculpting them in Zbrush I still would've been able to get them done it just would have taken me longer.




Because this is an original concept I wanted to pull inspiration from existing video games. Most of my video game reference was pulled from God of War, Elden Ring, and the Witcher. Using these references and images of South African Caverns, the base of the scene was a lot easier to tackle.



There weren't a lot of props that needed to be made for this scene. I used four different candles to populate the area and pearl and chain spline meshes so I wouldn't have to model them uniquely based on the position and could just place them in-engine.


I generated all of the rock formations in Houdini and converted them to HDAs to import them into Unreal Engine


Prop Turntables

I modeled the "Jesus" figure over the time of two days, after getting the pose and body form nailed (no pun intended) adding the grime and taking away the body fat was a fun part of the process.


The amulet was fun to model because even though it can't easily be seen in the scene modeling gross things is always fun for me.



Houdini Process

Houdini Breakdown-04.png
Houdini Breakdown_Business Card 1.png
Houdini Breakdown-03.png
Houdini Breakdown-02.png

To get the Textures for unreal I made them in Houdini and my amazing friend Dakota Smith literally wrote a script to export baked texture maps from Houdini- saved me hours of work and research.

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