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Gary, Indiana

This project was an original concept based on the town my Mom was born in, Gary, Indiana. Gary has a very interesting and involved history, even being the murder capital of America in the 90s. I wanted this project to feel similar to The Last of Us and luckily the Google Streetview of current day Gary isn't too far off. 


The Process

A big part of this project was modularity, making it feel populated without having an absurd amount of pieces. I accomplished this using a variety of tilable materials, decals, and mixing and matching different kit pieces.





My reference sheet is a mix of Last of Us breakdowns from their outstanding Environment Artists, Google Streetview of current Gary, What I could find of 1950s-70s photography of the midwest, and abandoned overgrown buildings. The entire projects was Frankenstiening all of these concepts together to get the desired look.

My friend Ethan mentioned that he modeled a truck from the time period in a previous class so he was kind enough to let me crash his truck model for this scene.



I imagined I was building pieces for the Sims when I was making this set, and using different materials with vertex painting added and different tilable materials I didn't have to make too many different pieces.


I ended up adding a Shakey's sign because a lot of my mom's friends worked there in highschool and a sign that says Petrovich Plumbing because Petrovich is my mom's maiden name and this entire piece is showing appreciation to her and all her support.

As far as unique- slightly less modular pieces I wanted to build up assets that you would see on a city street but wouldn't look out of place or too clean.


Just making window frames not with glass windows themselves in them made it easy for me change if there was broken glass or vines growing into the building etc.


Materials Made

I made several Substance Designer materials for this project- check them out by clicking the button below!



Prop Turntables

Because of the scale of this environment, I wanted to make sure to keep the props as lowpoly as possible without it looking like ps2 graphics, and depending on the projects I make in the future- these are very reuseable for future city envirments, depending on the setting I may have to drop back into substance painter and edit the materials.


Other Angles

This project is so vast and just because of that I took some pictures of other parts of the environment so you can see more of the story and individual parts I added to it.

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