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Not Quite my Tempo 

I was inspired to make this project after watching the movie Whiplash during my tenth term at Gnomon. I thought the idea of doing an obsessed artist who was a digital 3D artist would be a little too on the nose so I decided to go with a drummer who only cares about being the best drummer, same as the movie.


The Process

This project took a total of 5 weeks. Most of the assets and textures were finished by the third week and the last two were mostly used for lookdev and lighting work.





Because this was an original concept it was important to have reference of every object that I was going to make in the scene. My human figure drawing teacher taught us in the first class to "not assume we know what anything looks like" and years later I remember his lesson everytime I start a project.



As far as large furniture went there wasn't a lot for this piece because it is such a condensed space but I also made sure that none of the furniture looked too expensive because it wouldn't match with the character I had in mind


Smaller posters and paper were made for this project in order to characterize the environment better. I only had 3 different poster models but 6 different textures to ensure variation

Most of the cloth I created using Ncloth in maya and importing that into Unreal. I hand sculpted the pillow to make sure I could get the exact desired look that I wanted and to save time noodling around in maya.


The drum kit is exactly that, a kit. Before making this project I didn't realize that different drummers have different setups depending on what kind of music they play and what they are used to. I made this in a way that I could change the setup of the kit in- engine with ease.


Kit Turnaround

I tried to keep the drums fairly low poly because they aren't a super complicated shape, majority just cylanders with little doodads added.



Materials Made

I made 6 unique tilable materials for this project in substance designer. Click the button below to see a more in-depth breakdown on the process!



Post-it Notes

I proceedurally scattered the different post-it notes by turning them into foliage and using a foliage spawner on the walls. In order to get random colors and textures I used a set of flipbooks that would randomize the overlay and color. 



Easter Eggs

I pulled a lot of pictures and references from my real life for this project, just to add another level of realism to the project as a whole. The logo on the Bass Drum is how I doodle my dog with the letters "TKF" because me and two of my close friends call ourselves "The Kitchen Floor" and i thought that would be a very fun band name.









The pictures in the room are the other members of The Kitchen Floor, my friends Dakota and Ethan. I included a Pink Floyd poster because that's Dakota's favorite band and "The Wall" is his favorite album.

I decided to use moving boxes instead of an actual table because when one of my cousins moved into her first apartment after college she did a similar thing and I thought that would be a great storytelling element. 

dog Decal.png
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