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Gary Materials

Out of all my Demo Reel projects, I made the most Substance Designer materials for Gary. This entire project had a lot of oppertunity for tilable materials and I used a lot of vertex painting on top of that layer the materials I had made.


For the leaves I modeled all of the variations in Zbrush and then used the atlas splitter to separate them and scatter them accordingly, then brought them all back together at the end.

Height + Albedo Process


Bronze Trim Sheet

Iused this trim sheet in both this project and my Cavern of Fate project. My process for this was building out all of the patterns individually then later combining them. 

Height + Albedo Process



Making a tilable asphalt texture was a fun process of really observing shapes that asphalt is laid in and cracks in, even though I made this material for this specific process, I wouldn't be surprised if I use it may more times.

Height + Albedo Process

Asphalt Graph.png
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