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"Swampland" was my first demo reel project, based off the stunning concept by 榴莲班. For this project it was important to me to create the illustrative nature of the concept in 3D and it really pushed to learn a lot about lighting and capturing the mood of the environment. 

Final Video Render

Rendered in Unreal Engine 5

Original Concept by 榴莲班

Matching the concept was a very important part of the project for me. I loved the setting and the story it told and wanted to do it justice. The biggest change I made was removing the horse and man because of time constraints.



The Process

This Project took ten weeks total and was my first demo reel project. The last 2 weeks were a lot of changing the lighting and small tweaks to get it to closer match the concept.



This project didn't have a lot of props so it was important that when set dressing the repetition looked like nature and not duplicated geometry.

The important part of the hanging bodies was the silhouette so they are very low poly just so the silhouette was clear.


All of the Trees, extra branches, and roots were made in speedtree. I decided to make extra roots and branches to add to the main tree for purposes of having more control of the look of the main tree in Unreal.


Materials Made

I made multiple of my own materials in Substance Designer for this project. I have a separate breakdown for the materials alone, click the button below to check that out!

Deathtree Textures.png


Prop Turntables

Two of the main props for this scene were the lantern and the large treestump in the foreground the the crow is standing on. I textured these two props in substance painter.


The Tree

Being the focal point of the scene, I wanted to make sure that the large tree looked exactly how I wanted it. I ended up sculpting the tree stump in Zbrush and adding the rest in Speedtree


Unlit UE5 Turnaround

Zbrush Stump Sculpt


Because the look of the tree was so specific my speedtree node graph was a lot of hand placed branches vs. the other trees in the scene which were procedurally generated


speedtree graph.PNG



These decals were made to add a burning embers feel to the trees and the scene. Beyond the decals I added a panner texture to them so there was a slow movement to the emissive decals



For the VFX of this project I made trailing smoke, falling leaves, and very small flames. These were all made using Niagra.

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