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What Lies Beyond

For my third Demo Reel project I wanted to make something outside of my comfort zone and usual style so i decided to go with a concept from a Retro Futurist artist named Robert McCall. I've admired his work for a while so while picking a concept from his many collections wasn't easy, knowing I wanted to bring one of his works to 3D was a no-brainer. 





Nearly all of McCall's work is awe inspiring, but I chose to this concept in particular because while I did love it, it was also the easiest for me to wrap my head around from a Modeling Perspective. 



Desired Paths


A lot of time of this piece was dedicated to matching the "utopia" energy of the original concept. As someone who loves adding grime to a scene to make it feel lived in- I knew I couldn't do that for this scene, so I had to add story another way. 

desired path.png

My workaround for adding some human factors of it is a detail that only I really care about. Humans notoriously hate walking in straight lines and city planners often forget about that when it comes to designing areas with grass. Around the main fountain of the city center I added "desired paths" meaning that yes there is pavement in certain areas but because of use grass has stopped growing in certain areas to show where the citizens cut corners to save time on their walks. Adding little sprinkles of the human experience is what really makes environment creation fun for me, even in a scene that is a utopia- humans will leave their mark. 

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